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Heckshotstuff1 Here

2009-02-20 13:49:02 by whattheheck1

I have now set up a separate website for me, but I will still check back on this account in case you contact me through this.


Feel free to check out what I am auditioning for, cast in, as well as pictures of myself, and some of my roles (once I edit it), along with a number of videos of completed projects, audition videos, and randomness.

Catch you on the flip flop
We gone, bye bye.

Another Random Post

2009-01-11 00:57:34 by whattheheck1

This Whatheheck's better half, the smart one:D I writing a message to tell you all that I am available for voice acting if they need a voice:D Send Whattheheck a PM and I will reply ASAP.


2008-08-13 21:58:16 by whattheheck1

On my page it said that there were no new posts and that I should make on... I can't handle peer pressure so he's my first post. I won't write anything about myself. If your that interested in me just ask.